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Ekimen Bloodline


SULTAN born 09.11.1997

SULTAN - a sleek-haired dog, 77 cm, weight 55 kg.

Blood of the best pedigree lines Turkmen alabai flow in the Sultan. Through the father (Said), he is the great-grandson of well-known Elbars-Tour (Levik) - the finalist of 1985. Levik is son of Ak Ekimen II and the grandson of well-known White Ekimen - the champion of 1976, 1977.
Through mother Ajshe he is grandson of Palash that is great-grandson of Kiarizov's Babur. Babur is the son of well-known Red Elbars that is the champion of 1983 and the great-grandson of well-known Black Ekimen. Sultan's mother is Aishe (1995 year of a birth). Now she lives in Kursk at Ulayevs, "Sacred guard" kennel. Aishe is the champion of the Russia. In 2003 she became the candidate for champions of national club at exhibition "Cup of the world of the Asia - 2003" in Moscow.

arab pic


ARAB is a sleek-haired dog
growth 79 cm, weight 65 kg.
Bloods of the best pedigree lines Turkmen alabai flow in Arab: Tahmed, Gaplan, Abas, Akbai and so on


Bloods of the best pedigree lines of Turkmen alabai flow in Sherhan: Gaplan, Mosad, Kirizov's Babur, Red Elbars, Black and White Ekimen's.

his mom

Gurza Bloods of the most famous Central Asian sheep-dogs flow in P-GURZA.
Through the father of Hasan: Bassar, Akbelek, Albert, etc.
Through the mother of Uli-Soneta: Kaplan (Shklyarevsky), Ak-Ekimen -II, Babur (Kyarizov), Red Elbars, Karim (Aizenberg) and so on.

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