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True Stories

Can they be trusted around children?

Reply from our puppy Owner:

Asman aka Yogi  Litter AMy dog Yogi loves kids. I take him into schools and the kids will walk him with out a problem. Let free in the classroom he will greet each student and will lay by the smallest or special needs child. You do need to understand that yogi feels that they are his kids and he does not like other adults interfering with his job. When he goes out for recess he is not fond of the playground aids when they correct the kids or line them up to go in. I will not take him to visit kids in the hospital because I think that if a nurse where to give a child a shot and the child showed pain he would stop her. You need to keep in mind that these dogs are advanced dog ownership.

Dog protected the girl and got shot

The 54-years inhabitant of settlement Flowers of Bashkiria of the Kirov area of Ufa has addressed the police with the request to punish the fellow villager. The matter is that 30-year old man has shot his favorite Alabai (the sheep-dog of the Central Asian breed ). Аlabai is alive, but can be lost due to the trauma. According to witnesses of an event, 30-year old drunk man , around 6 pm went on settlement, and near one of houses has seen the girl.He began to harass her. But the girl has raised noise. Suddenly over a fence of the house jumped out huge sheep-dog and has seized a hand of the persevering gentleman. The men was frightened and has escaped. And the dog who has rescued the girl, went back to his house. All is good, but the bitten man has not calmed down. He took his hunting rifle, by the way, registered to him, and has returned back. Аlabai already was in a court yard. Then he bent through a fence and has shot the dog.

All this saw 10-year old little son of the owner of a dog. The scared boy has rushed off home and has told about all to the father. Little boys dad run out on the street, but there was no trace of neighbor. And the favorite of family laid on the ground with the shattered jaw. Now Kirovsk police department of Ufa investigate this case. Probably, the Office of Public Prosecutor will excite criminal case under clause 245 УК of the Russian Federation Cruel treatment of the animals . In this case the person that shot the dog will get the penalty up to 80 thousand rubles or arrest for about six months. In the meantime owners of Alabai try to treat their pet and hope, that the villain will be punished.

Source Translated by Admin

Personal Protection

We had a good trainer who put CO and Asians on protection. We tried to put our dog for protection when he was two years old. First he tied him on the leash to a tree,he have adhered some dogs under different trees, and the trainer approached the dogs trying with rubber stick to knock on a head. Caucasus received knocks on the head , as they were longing forward toward the stick and tried biting. Our dog looked at it and the conclusions were made. When it came to him, he went back over the whole length of the leash(about 1.5 meters) and was waiting until the trainer would reach him. Just want to mention,that our dog is usually acts very flegmatic and doesn't like to make extra moves,but the trainer simply could not hit him on the head even once, he evaded attack, but when Andrei(trainer) looked away, he went on the hand with the stick. Of course he was wearing full suite. Next class my dog was welcoming command "Fas"(" Get Him") went to Andrei, took the sleeve right away threw it on the ground and went to grab the throat.

Then we simulated attack instructor at me, I shouted "Shamil, come here", and my husband husband would release the leash and dog flew to us. I had one thought of my dog not to become confused, still in costume Andrei, and I am in the sweater. As a result, the dog went to the sleeve and squeezed it so that the instructor could not drop it, then he went strait to the shoulder dislocating it. Then left arm and went to the throat. Andrei closed throat with left hand, Shamil wrestled him to the ground and was trying to get to the neck. Luckily the leash was still on Shamil and I was able to grab it and was able to remove him from Andrei. All this sounds like a long wile but in fact, it all happened in 3-5 seconds . In the end,I am standing and holding the dog with "all four", Andrei on the ground and not moving. Got up only after 10 minutes, hit severely his back and leg and arm was traumatized. In general, studies have only resumed after one month.

Translated by Admin

The murderer of a dog has paid 50 thousand rubles to his owner.

The Dissatisfied party and the fleecer have gone on world All has occurred in August of the last year. The inhabitant of village Greater Еlаn the Penza area Gennady Proshkov (the surname and a name of the hero are changed) came back home. Passing along the neighbor's house, behind a fence it has seen the greater Central Asian sheep-dog. The dog loudly barked at it. Probably, it so has strongly angered Proshkova, that it has seized the big stone and has started it in an animal. Impact was so strong, that in some hours the dog has died on hands at the mistress. For the mistress it became the present tragedy. And by all means the woman has decided to punish the originator. As a result the Office of Public Prosecutor has excited criminal case. And after a while to the fleecer Cruel treatment with animals " and has been charged under clause 245 УК the Russian Federation " to clause 167 " Deliberate destruction or damage of property ". Business is has reached court. - during proceeding the state accused has refused support of charge under clause " Cruel treatment with animals " as the given proofs of it did not confirm.As a result there was only clause " Deliberate destruction and damage of property ", - chairman of the Penza regional court Paul Guk has explained "КП". Under this clause Proshkovy threatened till two years of imprisonment. - during proceeding the state accused has refused support of charge under clause " Cruel treatment with animals " as the given proofs of it did not confirm.But the man managed to avoid the criminal liability as business has been stopped in connection with reconciliation of the parties. The mistress dog has gone on world after Proshkov has paid to it of 50 thousand roubles as compensation of the caused harm.

Andrey Mamayev


Translated by Admin

May the best dog win

Although it is forbidden in Moscow, a form of dog fighting has not only survived but thrived throughout the Caucasus, cementing local legitimacy and gaining new followers since the Soviet Union collapsed.

The two opponents padded and paced on a snow-covered basketball court, waiting for their fight to begin.

They were adult Central Asian wolf dogs in the middleweight class. Both were undefeated in a combined 42 appearances in Russia's fighting dog rings. Each weighed more than 45kg.

The referee gave the sign. Their trainers released them. The dogs growled, lunged and met, locking jaws on each other's faces. They began pulling and twisting, each trying to force the other to the snow.

About 150 people lined the fences to watch. The most intense match-up of the fourth stage of the all-Russian dog fighting championship had begun.Dog fighting is prohibited in much of the West, and animal rights advocates have long wished to have it banned in Russia and the rest of the former Soviet world, labeling it a cruel and a bloody diversion for gamblers and thugs. They have succeeded in Moscow, where the fights are forbidden by mayoral decree.

But throughout Central Asia and the Caucasus, and extending to the outskirts of Russia's capital, a form of the sport has thrived, cementing local legitimacy and gaining new followers since the Soviet Union's collapse 15 years ago. It has also returned to Afghanistan, where it was forbidden during the Taliban's rule.The sport involves massive, thick-headed breeds, including Central Asian shepherd dogs and Caucasian ovcharka, bred by livestock herders across the continent to defend sheep and cattle in the mountains and on the steppe. Collectively the dogs are called volkodavs, the wolf-killers.The All-Russian Association of Russian Volkodavs, which sponsors a national fighting championship and participates in fights in other nations, claims to have more than 1,000 breeders among its members and another 1,000 owners who enter dogs in fights.

It holds tournaments almost openly, and has enough fans to support a glossy magazine, a Web site and an annual championship tournament. Its members brush aside criticism as ill-informed and superficial, saying the sport has roots in traditional contests in which shepherds tested their work dogs and celebrated their stamina and wolf-fighting skills. They also insist that their tournaments, unlike secretive fights with pit bulls and other fighting breeds, never involve contests to the death, and that the dogs are rarely injured seriously.

"Only people who have not seen it, and do not understand it, dislike this," said Stanislav Mikhailov, the association's president, as owners gathered recently for the latest tournament, held in a sanitarium in the Tula region, in the forest south of Moscow. This event was at once open and partly closed. The fans streamed in. But one Western and three Russian journalists were admitted on condition that the sanitarium's location not be disclosed, out of fear of vandalism or protests by opponents of the fights. In the Caucasus and in Asia, dog owners said, such precautions are not necessary.

In the ring the fight continued. The dogs tugged each other in tight circles by their snouts and then broke free, snarled and attacked again. Sometimes they rose up, pressing for leverage with forepaws while driving forward on hind legs and seeking a purchase for their bared teeth. Their handlers crouched beside them, shouting encouragement.

One dog, a reddish-tan shepherd's dog called Sarbai, took an early advantage. He weighed about 61kg, at least 13kg more than his foe. "Good boy, Sarbai!" his handler shouted. "Bite him well! Work!" Sarbai wagged the stump of his clipped tail. His opponent, Jack, had a slightly crooked left rear leg, which his owner said had been broken when he was hit by a car five years ago. He could not match Sarbai's strength. But he was quick. He refused to submit. As he yielded ground, he clamped onto Sarbai several times, sometimes biting the larger dog's neck, sometimes lunging for his legs.

The legality of such spectacles is unclear. Russia's criminal code includes a statute forbidding cruelty to animals, but to date, animal rights advocates and dog breeders agree, it has not been used against volkodav fights. The statute's language is vague, and Elena Maruyeva, director of the Vita Center for Animal Rights Protection, a private organization in Moscow, said the government did not interpret it broadly. "In practice it is very, very hard to prosecute a person under this law," she said.

The dog owners say that because the fights are not forbidden, they are allowed. They note that government officials know about the tournaments, and the association publicizes the results. Fans also sell plainly labeled videos of the fights."We are a semi-open organization," said Yuri Yevgrashin, the chief referee for the day's events. Whatever its official status, the sport appears to be under no significant threat. Maruyeva and an official at another of the principal animal protection organizations in Moscow said that so far, they had not pushed for bans on wolf dog fighting. Instead, they hope for other measures, like restrictions on the breeding of attack dogs, registration of wolf dog breeders and enacting standards for their care.

On the court, the second round began. The dogs locked jaws and began tumbling against snow banks. Jack still would not quit. The momentum seemed to turn. Could the smaller dog win?"I am with you, Jack!" a red-faced man screamed, holding a plastic cup of vodka. But the second round ended like the first with two exhausted dogs. Under the association's rules, dogs are sorted into two classes for age and weight. They are juniors until age two and a half, when they are classified as adults. Middleweights must weigh less than 62kg. Any dog larger is a heavyweight.

The largest, weighing roughly 90kg, are not highly regarded. "They are too slow," Yevgrashin said. Each fight lasts until one dog shows fear or pain by dropping its tail, squeaking, whimpering, refusing to fight or snapping its jaws defensively, all grounds for instant disqualification. There is no scoring. There are only winners and losers or, in fights that continue for three rounds without an animal yielding, draws. Sometimes the outcome is clear within a minute. Other times, fights last more than 45 minutes. A veterinarian is always on hand, Mikhailov and Yevgrashin said.

Between Sarbai and Jack's rounds, other dogs fought. One was called Koba, the nickname used by Stalin. He won. Another was named Khattab, after a Jordanian-born terrorist who fought in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Chechnya before Russia's intelligence service killed him with a poison-soaked letter in 2002. He won, too, in the junior middleweight class, extending his undefeated record to eight wins.Many dogfights in Russia are said to be tainted, with steroid-swelled dogs, or animals smeared with wolf fat to confuse or intimidate their foes, or dogs' mouths injected with Novocain to make them fight without hesitation. But Edgar Grigorian, Khattab's owner, said that at this level the matches were clean.

"We are adamantly against cheating," he said. "I can always tell a dirty dog in a fight, and a good judge will always see it."

Grigorian and several other breeders and association members said that there was no prize money, but that successful fighters were used to sire puppies, which could sell for more than US$500 each. In two days at the sanitarium, no admission fee was charged and no gambling was visible, although the breeders said there might be some private side bets. The previous night, owners and fans had gathered in the sanitarium to celebrate their sport. Behind a hotel room door, a huge dog guarded a metal bowl of meat. When Yevgrashin opened the door, the dog stared at a stranger and growled.

Yevgrashin closed the door. Shamil Dotdayev, who sells videotapes of fights and copies of his book, Caucasian Volkodavs, reflected on the tournament ahead. The fights, he said, help preserve breeds with ancient roots in Central Asian and Caucasus life and with a continuing utility in food production. The dogs that succeed, he said, are an essential part of this hard, canine lot the pack leaders. Animal rights groups disagree. They say the breeding system rewards the attributes needed for fighting, which are narrower than those for guarding a livestock herd or leading a pack. Dotdayev admitted that his interests were broader. He poured shots of vodka and said that dog fighting had an almost irresistible draw, and that studying fighting dogs can become a shepherd's or mountain man's obsession.

"The dogs teach us," he said. "You cannot look at a dog and tell who it is. The dog is on the inside, not on the outside. It is in his spirit."

"It is the same with people," he added, and lifted his glass.

On the basketball court, Jack and Sarbai were led back for a third round.

Sarbai quickly pulled Jack to the snow. Each time Jack escaped he was pinned anew, until he was spent and began to snap his jaws, signaling defeat. His tournament was over. Sarbai advanced to the next round.

By C. J. Chivers
Saturday, Feb 10, 2007, Page 16

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A four-year-old dog named Garabash was called the champion of the breed among Alabai dogs - the Turkmen sheep dogs. It was decided by the board of Ak Yekmen association, which was established more than a year ago and already received recognition of fans and experts of this unique breed of watchdogs, and reckoned in the national heritage of Turkmens.

Keeping breeding tradition of these dogs that, as archeologists claim, served men already in bronze era, the newly established board uses the experience of many dogs-breeders of Turkmenistan, Atow Pirnazar being the most known among them. It was his activity that helped the association to restore the five generations back pedigree of 91 Alabai dogs. Thus, there was set up every condition to completely restore the Turkmen sheep-dog breed. The board of the association is closely watching the selection process of the breed. In a special farm they train and bring them up in the best traditions of the breed - fine sense of scent being the main requirement. Alabai can smell up to half a million flavors in one cubic meter of air.

The champion, Garabah, is a peculiar standard of the breed. His height is 70 centimeters. This dog is black and white colored with a specific shape of head and exceptional stamina.

By the board's decision dogs of this standard will be given to shepherds for free by Ak Yekmen association. To be a shepherd is the main "profession" of the unique breed of the Turkmen sheep dogs, the Turkmen state news agency reported


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Alabai's are the most fashionable dogs of 2007 in former Russia.

If the fashion on clothes is created by designers ,dogs become popular with show business. When there was a film about Мuhtаr, people have rushed to buy German shepherds.

After a serial about Lassie there was a rush to buy a коlli. A star gangster of 90's – fighters bull terriers. Writer Darya Dontsova has begun a fashion on pugs, and Britney Spears – on Chihuahua. The correspondent of the New channel has made attempt to find out, what dogs are fashionable in 2007.

The fashion on dogs is changeable, as on footwear or perfumery. To get pit bull terriers or коlli not popular anymore. Hits of the dog season 2007 tiny Chihuahua and Yorkie. And from giants – classical labrador and exotic alabai. This Alabai, or Turkmen wolfhound Таhir knows his price. He is a world champion. Though he was found in the Crimean village where a dog was held on the chain and was beat daily. Now puppies from Таhir – worth its weight in gold because Alabai have mad demand among inhabitants of small towns.The owner of alabai nursery said: “ The Dog is very clever – understands, that I have come with the friend – never will touch. But if someone will come in my absence – rip in pease's. ”

To be the advanced owner of a fashionable dog -will not be possible without money . Puppies of Alabai cost from 500 to several thousand dollars. Labrador – not less than 300.



Translated by Admin

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