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Turkmen Iti AKA Alabai

Widespread breed in Turkmenistan is the Turkmen Alabai (Central-Asian sheepdog). Historically, Turkmen's used dogs for guarding livestock and dwellings. Four thousand years ago, Alabai's did not differ from contemporary sheepdogs. Archaeological evidence bears witness to this - the findings of bones and sculptures shows that male dogs were very strongly-built with docked ears and tail. It is likely that ancient sheepdogs originated in the region, and spread from there in two directions: eastwards to Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, China and neighboring countries, and also westwards to Turkey, the Balkan peninsula and to Spain. In each region there are distinct breeds. From these original sheepdog types other breeds such as mastiffs, St Bernard, rottweiler, boxer and bulldogs etc. were developed. Many of these have become quite different from the original Asian sheepdog type. The breed’s characteristics mean it can be used not only for guarding herds and people’s property but also as a watchdog. A special conference held in Ashgabat in April 1990 was dedicated to this breed. Many issues of pedigree work and breeding standards were discussed there. There is a club called “Turkmen Iti” dedicated to the preservation and breeding of alabai.

Who it ALABAI ?
Not a servant, not a slave, not a being subject to the person. Alabai it is impossible to force, impossible to force it to execute will of the owner. Alabai can be either the enemy, or the friend. This is very proud animal at times looking at us with wisdom of east wise man, forgiving to the biped colleagues their unreasonable fussiness and human arrogance. Do not wait for sympathy from Alabai if you not in a condition to cope with a problem. He is a dog for people witty strong spirit, firm in purpose achievement. He will follow you to the end of t he world when required, will give his life for you, he will not complain if he has a severe pain, you will not hear from him neither squeal, nor groan only corners of the dog lips … will be drawn in.

Alabai the one woman or man dog. He will serve and guard property of the favorite: house, territory,livestock, children's. You can not deceive him you can't hide your mood from him – this dog can see right through you!

Your colleague and the partner, the mute interlocutor and a kind Guardian Angel –this is Alabai!


For our RUSSIAN speaking friends ,here is a Turkmen movie about Alabai History


Watch it on YouTube

Turkmen Iti AKA Alabai Central Asian Shepherd HISTORY


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